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Tooling Pattern Tee Story

For years I have heard the scratching of a number two pencil moving across white paper creating unique tooling patterns in my husband’s leather shop. Next comes the rhythmic tapping of a mallet hitting steel tools producing the melody of flat leather coming to life. These sounds, just like a favorite song, have been the soundtrack to much of our family’s journey. 

I love tooled leather! I love everything it symbolizes in the western culture - hard work, a set of values & a traditional way of life. I love how a tooled belt on a pair of jeans is like a ribbon on a perfectly wrapped package. I love the distinct smell of leather. Most of all, I love the creative artwork that tooling is! 

I thought, “What a shame it is that this art isn’t a bigger part of my everyday wardrobe.” I don’t wear a tooled belt or ride a beautiful saddle on a daily basis. 

A graphic tee however, that is a major staple in my wardrobe! Light bulb moment! Why don’t I take those beautiful tooling patterns my husband creates & put them on tee shirts. Thus making this art available for others to enjoy without needing the leather! 

Tooling Pattern Tees were born. 

I pray that you will enjoy adding these creative wearable art pieces to your wardrobe just as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you! 

XOXO- Marti 

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